About - Total House

Total house is a family owned real estate development and holding company that operates in the primary and secondary residential markets.  Incorporated in 2003 Total House has grown its real estate assets to over 10,000 sq ft of residential rental space.  Additionally, Total House has successfully developed secondary suites in Edmonton through the Cornerstone Program.

To create unique and innovative spaces in Edmonton that brings value to both the shareholders and the local communities.

Drive stakeholder value by using creative design, innovative construction techniques and quality materials and workmanship to develop real estate assets that the community will take pride in.

Accountability - People of Total House do what they say and own the results.  People will take pride in their decision making and will be supported to make the right decisions.

Creativity - People will be encouraged and supported to be innovative and creative in finding solutions to problems.

Community - We work together to make harmonious spaces.  We will collaborate internally with our team and externally in the local community.  We make where we work better.

Quality - What we build must last and be work people are proud of.

People - Relationships are what communities and business are built on.  People are how we are successful.  We value these relationships and work hard to maintain them.